The flooring industry is one of the busier sectors of the economy. The “Age of the Internet” has continuously revolutionized business dynamics since it began, and there are no signs of these changes slowing down any time soon. Despite the many industries that are experiencing or have experienced stagnation or regression, the flooring market has posted steady and significant growth over the last decade. Furthermore, every economic prognostication report indicates that this growth will continue well into the next decade or two.

The economic growth of flooring, mainly commercial flooring, can be directly correlated to the technological advancements in vinyl flooring manufacturing. Specifically, the main drivers of this healthy business are the new categories in vinyl flooring called luxury vinyl flooring and rigid core flooring, sometimes collectively known as “resilient flooring”. The iterations of luxury vinyl plank, better known as LVP, are near the top in total sales.

Admittedly, even the most veteran pros in the flooring game can have their heads spin with the flood of new products. The casual consumer of commercial flooring has more than enough to consider when the time comes to shop around for new floors. This is even more exacerbating when it comes to clients with multiple facilities across state lines.

In cases like these, one of the biggest questions clients have for flooring companies is whether or not they can get distribution to all their operation sites. When multiple flooring installations are needed across the nation, it will raise costs in terms of time and money to shop with more than one distributor.

At Europine, we bring our international expertise to the domestic front, and we provide only the highest quality LVP. We offer best-in-class commercial LVP flooring at wholesale prices, and we offer distribution all over the nation.

So, who are we exactly?

Europine Distributors, LLC

Our history begins over 60 years ago and over 6,000 miles away. The ADO Group of Companies began in Turkey, where it has since exploded to become a powerhouse for Turkey’s economy. After mastering the art of meeting the Turkish market’s demands, the ADO Group has now grown to conduct business in over 80 countries across five continents.

In 2015, the ADO Floor branch was incorporated as the sole manufacturer and distributor of luxury vinyl flooring and SPC floor products in Turkey. Featuring over 6 million square feet of flooring produced annually, ADO Floor has now honed in on the American market.

In 2019, ADO Floor USA opened Europine in the brilliant city of Miami, Florida. This tropical and coastal hotspot represents just how far our family has come from the Turkish city of Antalya, another popular destination for tourists.

The ADO Group’s longtime dedication to quality and integrity has allowed us to thrive in a way that simultaneously lifts the economic markets around us. We hope and strive to continue integrating our values with technological advancements to better serve the flooring needs of national and international clients.

Need Specific Help?

If you ever find yourself needing/wanting to discuss any of these topics, or even just to ask your questions, please feel free to contact us. In fact, Europine encourages and welcomes any and all further inquiries regarding your flooring concerns.


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