Elegant, modern and durable, stone composite flooring, also known as luxury vinyl planking, is the number one selling commercial flooring in the United States! But what is it exactly?

Stone plastic composite flooring, sometimes called stone polymer composite flooring, is made with the same vinyl base as luxury vinyl tile. But SPC flooring has limestone added to the vinyl, providing it with a rigid core. It is both thicker and tougher than luxury vinyl tile, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The limestone element also makes the SPC resistant to temperature and climate changes, so it’s ideal for new construction projects; it can be installed on the flooring before any HVAC systems are installed!

Like luxury vinyl tile, stone plastic composite flooring is available in a variety of colors and styles. It can have a high-tech look or mimic natural wood or stone. Its additional rigidity from limestone makes it dent and scratch-resistant. Heavy furnishings can be placed on LVP flooring without leaving marks. Many consider it an upgrade from LVT because of that durability and toughness.

What are the other advantages of SPC flooring? It’s 100% waterproof! It’s also easy to clean and maintain and has natural antibacterial properties. That makes it ideal for hospitals, clinics, dentists’ offices, childcare facilities, rental properties, and pet care centers. SPC flooring can even lower maintenance costs for hotels and restaurants because it’s so easy to care for and clean.

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Stone plastic composite flooring is also affordable. The product itself is a lower cost than many other high-quality flooring options, like finished concrete, carpeting, and ceramic tile. It doesn’t require industrial glue to install it; it clicks together and drops into place for easy installation. DIYers love SPC because it’s so easy for them to install, without any mess or smell from glue, and it can be placed on top of any existing flooring, concrete, or plywood.

Because it’s so durable and stain-resistant, SPC doesn’t require expensive professional cleaning treatments. It’s UV-resistant too, so it won’t fade like other types of flooring can. All of that adds up to a gorgeous floor for years to come! If replacement planks are needed, they can also be installed easily.

Whether you need quality SPC or LVP flooring for home or commercial uses, you want the best possible price for it. That means wholesale! Great news: you can take advantage of wholesale, factory direct pricing on the highest quality SPC products without needing to buy in the quantities that are usually required!

Europine, the only official United States distributor of ADO Flooring, sells premium SPC flooring at manufacturer direct pricing in its Miami location. Manufactured with the most advanced technology available in the field, ADO Floor products are crafted in a factory on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The only SPC flooring manufacturer in Turkey, ADO Floor is dedicated to producing beautiful, durable products that are available at great pricing.

Does SPC have any drawbacks? Just one. Because it’s clicked together and dropped in place without any kind of commercial adhesive, it can be a little louder than other flooring types in some environments. High-ceilinged, heavily trafficked environments such as airport terminals, high school corridors, and hotel lobbies might want to invest in an underlayment that goes down before the flooring is installed to help dampen the ambient sound.

How can you take advantage of SPC flooring – the best waterproof flooring for children and pets — in your next project? To get the best prices on the hottest trend in commercial flooring today, contact Europine! Europine is the only manufacturer direct source of SPC from the ADO Floor factory on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Whether you’re a builder, interior designer, or DIY expert, you’ll find the best factory wholesale pricing on stone plastic flooring at Europine.

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