Stone plastic composite flooring is a beautiful, durable investment in any property. Like luxury vinyl tile, it’s waterproof, and durable, and can mimic a variety of natural materials including wood and stone, in a range of colors. But because it has limestone dust incorporated into the vinyl blend, the composite is more rigid and less expensive than luxury vinyl tile. It’s non-toxic and free from formaldehyde, which is used in many commercial flooring products, especially around children and animals.

In the retail market, stone polymer composite flooring is known as luxury vinyl planking (LVP) or waterproof flooring; the industry terms are SPC flooring or rigid core flooring.

What advantages are there using SPC flooring over luxury vinyl tile? As mentioned above, the limestone component of the flooring makes it less expensive than LVT flooring. In commercial uses, it’s more resistant to scratching and damage. The additional rigidity of the flooring, thanks to the limestone, also means that it’s less likely to shrink or expand with changes in temperature.

That rigidity in the face of temperature changes is especially valuable for large commercial projects because it can be installed regardless of whether or not the building is climate-controlled. SPC flooring can be installed by contractors before the HVAC systems are installed or even the windows. Because it’s a floating product, it’s just locked together and laid down on a concrete slab or other existing base without any need for glue. The one downside to SPC is that it can be more noisy than LVT, so it needs an additional backing to dampen noise, especially in highly trafficked, high-ceilinged or sparsely furnished environments.

Of course, contractors and decorators are looking for the best price they can get on every element of a project – there’s no room for waste! So when looking for SPC flooring for new construction or a remodeling project, the best option is to shop wholesale flooring.

It’s always better to buy wholesale because you get a discount for buying in a larger quantity. If you can buy wholesale directly, you’re eliminating the extra cost of having a middleman because you’re buying directly from the manufacturer of the product you need. That includes SPC flooring. You’re getting a guaranteed product from a source you can trust and you can, as a reseller, pass the sales tax along to the end user.

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