LVT Flooring is a great way to attract new business! We love discussing this topic, as it is a constant variable in how to succeed in a retail or customer-based business. We will indicate below four reasons why this is the case, but first, what is LVT Flooring? You can read more about it in this blog article.

1) Customers rely on perceived value. The first step to understanding how LVT flooring benefits your retail store or business, you have to look at the concept of perceived value. As stated by Jon Tafford from Bar Rescue, perceived value is the science behind any good business. When you examine perceived value, your concept is simple, as best demonstrated by the “hamburger conundrum.” When you take a burger worth $5.00, you can simply add a $0.75 cent strip of bacon to your burger and make the bun fluffier than usual. This small markup (costing you much, much less than $5.00 to make) allows customers to see the burger as “enhanced,” or bigger, thus allowing you to sell it for $9.00 instead of $5.00, over a small $0.75 cent piece of bacon! LVT Flooring is no different.

2) Hardwood sells more than not. Imagine this: you walk into a business, you have determined its value within eight seconds. If the floor feels sturdy like LVT Flooring, you will see that it is actually the human condition to value safety, as it often is associated with a nice hardwood floor. This is psychological, believe it or not. We will discuss color perceptions soon, but look at it this way: you can sell for higher prices and attract more repeat sales based on something as simple as having a nice, solid, sturdy floor beneath the customer or clients’ feet. This, my friend, takes us back to perceived value.

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3) Color psychology. Color psychology is the study of how colors affect our buying patterns. Did you know that though yellow walls may resonate an “ugly” feel, they are actually a way to increase your sales? As seen here by the Daily Egg, teams that wear the color red are more likely to win a game; blue makes people more relaxed, thus making them more comfortable buying a product because of a feeling of safety; and the color of yellow indicates a need to buy (ever wonder why McDonalds uses a yellow arch? Durr, they are trying to make sales, because yellow makes people happier and more confident). In this sense, a floor that is less colorful like LVT Flooring is actually going to increase sales not because that is known to attract attention. Rather, it builds a sense of value!

4) Traditional thinking. Last but not least, imagine this: you walk into a store that has been around for decades. You would think that floor needs to be replaced because it is old and dingy. Well, exactly! The more sturdy a floor looks, and when you keep coming back seeing the same sturdy floor, you are most likely to see that this place must have something about it that is special. That is because LVT Flooring wears less easy, thus denoting that you store or office will be seen as a place to be comforted or trusted. It is all in the psychology!

Think about these things and then contact us when you are ready to increase sales!

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