SPC (short for stone plastic composite) vinyl plank flooring is one of the darling stars of the commercial vinyl flooring market. Commercial SPC floors are top-rated flooring products composed of the very best flooring materials that technology can create. These rigid core flooring materials are incredibly versatile, allowing users to customize their commercial floors with special coatings, finishes, and underlayments.

The ability to fit in a variety of environments has made SPC commercial floors highly appealing to large-scale operations. The successful performance of SPC in small businesses and retail operations was able to translate seamlessly in multi-site commercial and industrial enterprises. The sturdy longevity and relatively cheap cost of quality SPC floor products drew in other industries, such as the hospitality and service industry.

End-users with unique needs, such as schools and daycare centers, began to flock towards resilient-vinyl floors like SPC, and this brought healthcare facilities looking for hygienic and aseptic flooring materials. Hospitals, dental practices, medical research facilities, and similar clients elicited more specialized products from the flooring industry. SPC flooring solutions are now found all over the world, from executive offices in Fortune 500 companies to multifaceted government agencies.

Europine has actively participated in the growing boom of high-end, rigid core floors like SPC. Our industry knowledge and applied practices have accumulated over decades of international distribution. Our intimacy with the manufacturing, distribution, and installation of commercial SPC vinyl plank floors allows us to give our clients best-in-class guidance along every step of the way.

To this end, we would like to provide some tips on why you should buy wholesale flooring and where to do so.

Buying Wholesale SPC: Why and Where

When shopping for commercial SPC for a large-scale, multi-site flooring installation project, it is always better to buy wholesale. Most commercial and industrial clients understand the benefits of wholesale, but there are some who may not be familiar with it. Clients who are in the midst of their first economic growth spurt may be investing in bulk purchases of SPC for the first time.

Buying wholesale is the most economical way to purchase anything in large quantities. The most significant market players will conduct nearly all transactions as wholesale, but even small consumers can benefit significantly from wholesale.

Not only does a wholesale transaction lower the price of each unit individually, it can also qualify for exemption from sales taxes. Wholesale also removes the need for a retailer or middle man. Products move from one party to another without any third party to tamper with the product or dilute its quality.

The financial commitment that wholesale purchases represent means it is crucial to identify a reputable distributor. The bustling nature of the growing flooring industry has attracted many entrepreneurs. An unfortunate outcome has been inexperienced distributors adversely impacting their clients.

A reputable wholesale distributor of commercial SPC will typically display the following traits: a longtime history of distribution, experience in manufacturing (or a manufacturer sister company), national or international distribution services, installation capabilities (or an installation sister company) and inventory selections beyond commercial SPC.

Commercial SPC, WPC, LVT, and LVT: Europine Distributors

Europine is among the industry leaders in flooring manufacturing and distribution. We were recently established in Miami, Florida, as the headquarters of American operations for ADO Floor USA.

ADO Floor, the parent of the USA branch, was incorporated in 2015 as the operator of the sole manufacturing plant for LVT and SPC flooring materials. It is part of the ADOPEN family of businesses that are based out of Antalya, Turkey.

ADOPEN is an integral part of the ADO Group of Companies. The ADO Group has stimulated the growth of the Turkish economy for over 60 years. It operates in over 80 countries across North America, Asia, the Middle-East, Africa, Australia, and the European Union.

The storied and successful heritage behind Europine has made us into an elite flooring distributor. We offer a variety of flooring products in wholesale; stone plastic composite, wood plastic composite, luxury vinyl tile, and luxury vinyl plank are our specialization.

As part of ADO Floor’s more extensive web of international distribution, Europine offers the best commercial SPC floors in wholesale to any and all parts of the United States. Our ability to distribute nationwide facilitates the process of investing in grand flooring projects. Our long history is why Europine is committed to transparently and ethically providing high-quality services.

Need Specific Help?

If you ever find yourself needing/wanting to discuss any of these topics, or even just to ask your questions, please feel free to contact us. In fact, Europine encourages and welcomes any and all further inquiries regarding your flooring concerns.


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