Ever watch the show: “Bar Rescue”? It is a marvelous show, yes, but it actually goes into great detail about the science of owning a bar. Now, taking this from a businessman’s perspective, if it implies to the science of a bar, it also applies to the science of any business you can think of. Yes, even yours! So, not to drag on with the boring stuff, it is a rather simple marvel: Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring tends to replicate the look and feel of a legitimate flooring pattern. When you enter a store, you may not realize the magnificent artistry actually laid before your very feet. The weight, the feel, the style, and even the level upon which your balance rests is called “perceived value.”

This is best noted from an experience with Toyota back in 2012. When Toyota realized safer cars were worth more money, they decided that rather than making their doors safer, they would instead try a little experiment (yes, this does apply to Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring). They placed a small, 75-cent, one-inch piece of aluminum into the locking mechanisms of their doors. When the locks closed, the aluminum amplified the sound of it, i.e. it was followed with a loud “Clunk!” This, in turn, was perceived by potential buyers as a safer lock, of which allowed them to place a higher price tag on their cars, expanding the idea that a “safer lock means more value.” In actuality, however, the locks were no safer!

 Now, how does this apply to Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring and your business?

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Just like Toyota, there is perceived value when you step into a commercial location: a store, an office…you name it and Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is somehow able to allow you to achieve this same phenomenon, allowing for you to charge more; to be trusted more; to be seen as more than you may think. The science of a louder-sounding lock (Clank!) is the same as that of a floor. Think about this: would you rather walk into a dentist’s office that has a floor that makes crunching or squeaking noises every time you take a step? Or would you rather feel it beneath you as sturdy and dexterous? We can all agree that there is a science behind the professionalism of the dentist based on something as simple as the flooring type in which he/she uses…

So is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring a good choice for your commercial location? What do you sell? What do you offer? It does not truly matter, because within a fraction of time, typically no more than thirty seconds, you make your assumptions about a location (and the respect you have for it) and, whether you realize it or not, that determines the amount of money you can place on your bill; the more people will return…need we say anymore about the value of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring? Actually, yes we can! It is also a gorgeous and easy-to-maintain type of flooring, and is often considered one of the top flooring types. It is highly reviewed, yes, but is it for you? We can best answer that if you choose to contact us now!

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