Luxury vinyl tile can definitely replicate the look and feel of hardwood or stone, believe it or not.

What do we mean by this? Well, for starters, let us define the manner in which this phenomenon occurs. Luxury vinyl tile is a wonderful solution versus stone or hardwood. Remember, we have discussed this: luxury vinyl tile is basically the “chemically-made” version of a floor. What this means is that a chemical called “polyvinyl chloride resins” (AKA PVC) is mixed with a number of stabilizers and other flooring-esque terms (keep up!) Luxury vinyl tile does this because it allows you to maintain a long-lasting, durable feel.

How does this differ from stone or hardwood? Well, that does not really matter, as if you want to read more about the advantages and disadvantages of LVT flooring versus hardwood floors, I urge you to read out blog. For now, let us discuss how it can replicate the look and feel of hardwood. What is hardwood? Where does it come from? What the heck is in it? Well, the name does not lie: wood! Hardwood is the effective mark of a non-waterproof floor. It is a durable feel, yes, but it is definitely nothing close to luxury vinyl tile.


     But we are here to talk about the look, not the makeup. In this sense, LVT flooring can not only replace the hardwood or stone appeal; it can look like it, too! In fact, it can look even prettier! The great thing about luxury vinyl tile is that is does not rely on stone (yuck, why would you want stone?) or wood (again: yuck, why would you stick a bamboo tree in your living room or office?). The variable makeup is all chemical. Yes, chemicals are our friends, and this means that the more we begin to trust the appeal of a manmade concoction of chemicals (do not be fooled: this is not “those” kinds of chemicals), the more likely we are to sustain durability, longevity, and resale value.

          So how does luxury vinyl tile replicate the look and feel of stone or hardwood? Does that really make sense to even ask?! LVT flooring is a special type of makeup. It supersedes the look of hardwood; it supersedes the look of stone. Not only that, but it is more durable, clean, waterproof, stainproof, and dentproof! We have plenty of great blog articles that can be found here. So what is the best choice when choosing between LVT, hardwood, or stone?

     Simple: LVT flooring is the perfect example of the perfect floor!

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