The choice of flooring can be an extremely significant one when considering between high quality flooring options. Aside from all the practical considerations, your floor can make a powerful impression. The first thing people see, your flooring conveys a specific message to visitors about who you are. This phenomenon can make selecting the right flooring option, for example, in retail flooring, from a walk in the park into a nightmare.

Staying in the loop of what is happening in the flooring industry can alleviate some of the tension involved in the process of installing new flooring. Technology is always improving, and one of the most recent innovations in the world of floors is what we call stone plastic composite for rigid flooring. While it has its purposes in residential milieus, SPC flooring shines as an innovative solution to the many challenges a floor faces within various commercial sectors. By combining polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizer ingredients in varying ratios, SPC floors can be manufactured and specified to suit a wide range of needs and wants. This is especially useful when selecting wholesale SPC flooring.

So what exactly is stone plastic component (SPC) flooring?

Stone Plastic Component (SPC) flooring is the evolution of engineered forms of vinyl flooring. It is composed of several layers, including the SPC base material (virgin layer), PVC balance layer, vinyl material (wear layer), aesthetic/design layer (which may have a film added, depending on specifications), and the anti-UV layer. Additionally, you can opt for adding an acoustic foam layer. This layer is installed underneath to enhance the “give” of the floor when it is walked upon.

Blending these materials in this order combines to create a waterproof, stain-resistant, indentation-resistant, ergonomic, sturdy, durable, and overall elite floor. This high-density solid core represents the cutting-edge of vinyl flooring technology. With the ability to add any aesthetic finish, you can have the dependability of stone with the elegance of wood.

SPC rigid flooring differs from other types of vinyl flooring with its high resilient flooring core layer. This central core layer bestows an exceptionally stable base to any hardwood vinyl floor. Although they may seem like other forms of engineered vinyl floors, the core is completely hidden underneath.

SPC Flooring - Stone plastic composite

Layers of SPC

SPC flooring is created by producing different layers and combining them in specific ratios and methodologies to synthesize a uniquely stable and durable product.

Foundation/Base Layer (optional) – A foam layer typically made of cork or vinyl acetate and ethylene (EVA) foam, critical for the “give” as well as acoustics.

SPC Layer – This is where the magic happens. The measured mixture of polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizers creates an impermeable and durable core, giving the performance tile its resistance qualities.

Wear Layer –This transparent layer is the topmost section. Here is where each tile derives its resistance to superficial damages, such as stains, scuffs, and scratches. The nature of this layer is also what makes LPT easy to keep clean.

Vinyl Layer – This is the layer that allows for each tile to have decoration. Patterns, designs, colors, etc., all of what could be considered aesthetic, happens in this section of the tile.

UV Layer – This layer is laid over the vinyl layer to provide protection. Here is where the majority of wear-and-tear resistance occurs. It also works in tandem with the wear layer to make cleaning easy and keep scuff marks at bay. By protecting against UV, it is also what maintains the shine and gleam of your SPC flooring for longer.

Why has SPC flooring become the hottest flooring in the market?

Studies are showing that more and more economic agents are incorporating principles of ethical consumerism. Consumers and investors alike are now paying attention to the eco-footprint they leave behind. One of the reasons why SPC is coming to the forefront of the flooring industry is because the process used to create this innovative material is incredibly eco-friendly.

Unlike laminate flooring, SPC is synthesized wholly with virgin PVC. Also, it does not involve the use of many of the harmful substances found in other types of flooring, such as formaldehyde, methanol, phthalate, and heavy metals, to name a few.

There are other traits of SPC that have drawn appeal from a variety of different sectors. The degree to which these traits manifest varies from one type of SPC flooring to another, but generally speaking, all SPC floors contain the following characteristics:

Fire Retardant
SPC flooring excels against fires in two ways. The first is the extinguishing of flames within 5 seconds. Combustions will never continue to spread. The second is that SPC floors do not exude any toxic fumes or gases upon contact with fire. The overwhelming majority of fire fatalities actually occur due to the inhalation of poisonous fumes and gases, and SPC floors prevent these deaths during fire emergencies.

The “give” of a floor can significantly affect our feet, legs, and ultimately our whole bodies. By lowering the impact force exerted by the ground on your body’s walking joints, SPC flooring preserves your health and quality of life.

The non-slip quality of SPC floors also ensures a safer environment. New data from research suggests that high foot-traffic areas experience up to 70% less slip-and-fall accidents compared to other industry-standard floors.

Ease of Maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining SPC flooring is one of the most natural things in the world. Just ask any janitor! Sweeping, brooming, vacuuming, mopping, virtually any form of basic cleaning is more than enough to maintain that “brand-new” look. This cuts down the time, money, and effort invested considerably in the long run. While common household cleaners and wax polishes will do the trick just fine, here at Europine, we always suggest the appropriate SPC/vinyl floor cleaning agents and polishes to maximize the endurance of your SPC flooring.

Sound Control
The acoustic control qualities of SPC flooring outperform most of the other high-end flooring options. Libraries, theaters, art galleries, educational facilities, nurseries, hospital wards, and other similar places enjoy quieter ambiances due to the sound-wave absorption abilities of SPC tiles.

Waterproof and Stain-Resistant
SPC is constructed to be impermeable, meaning that it prevents water from seeping down the underlying concrete foundations. It also does not react to dampness or moisture issues like other floors, keeping stains and bad odors from occurring.

Corrosion due to overly acidic or alkaline substances does not easily damage SPC flooring, allowing SPC floors to perform admirably in otherwise harsh environments. This quality has quickly made SPC floors become a popular choice for new laboratories, hospitals, and research institutions.

SPC floors are not as sensitive to climates as other flooring options are. SPC floors can be synthesized to perform well in any geographical climate zone and do not need as much temperature regulation as other floors might need.

Want to know more about SPC flooring?

Europine indeed prides itself on delivering nothing but the best available on the market. However, nothing makes us happier than merely helping people solve their problems. If your interest was piqued by this blog or if you have a more serious inquiry regarding becoming a happy owner of SPC flooring, please contact us for more information, and we’ll gladly create a dialogue to help you navigate the flooring market.


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