Remember we said this would be a continuation series? Well, click here for Part I.

Part II gets interesting, because here we give you not only the history of LVP flooring while also explaining how easy it is to actually install, and why it is the best choice for your flooring requirements and needs. Let us recap: LVP flooring (Luxury Vinyl Flooring) was a small stick on the end of the flooring business back in the ’70’s, but now it is one of the most popular flooring models you will ever need. So, we learned what again? First: LVP flooring was invented for “on-the-move” buyers. In Europe, as an example, it is not uncustomary to peel back a sheet of the layer and move it to your next home.

Now how exactly do you install any kind of Vinyl Plank Flooring? And why is Ado Luxury Flooring so popular? As the blog editor, I felt the need to do some research on this, as I am no handyman; I am merely the writer. However, when I Google’d: “how to install LVP flooring,” I was amazed at how complex this looked…and yes, how easy it was to do yourself, or to hire someone else to do it for you! LVP flooring was originally just a thin peel of fake floor; it was meant for DIY homeowners who wanted the look and feel of a great hardwood floor that remained dentproof and without much difficulty to install.

It got a bit more interesting.

lvt europine

Step one: find a hard surface. All kidding aside, you need to know how to do this properly in order to accomplish the end goal. It is not very hard, so try to keep up! Step one: buy a whole bunch of items you can Google yourself, as I have a word count to stick to and you can find majority of these tools (belt sanders, nail guns, etc. at a Home Depot or, even better, take a look around your basement or shed; go to dad’s and borrow some stuff, and then Step Two: buy Ado Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring! Next, it is actually very simple.

Because floor installers will want you to pay an arm and a leg to install this stuff, it is actually quite “DIY” ready (we strongly advise you that if you do not have these materials, or have the spare friend or father to do this with you, you can do it yourself). It really is a matter of removing that top layer of the floor from your current atrocity (sorry…), sanding a few things down, setting up a workstation, and getting to work! I looked at all of these “DIY” articles and videos and, wow, I have to say it honestly looks like something I could do. You just need a thorough backbone, Ado LVP Flooring, some tools to assist in removing the top layer and laying floor strips, and boom! You have a wonderfully-decadent floor at your fingertips!

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