We wanted to provide you with some simple solutions for commercial grade luxury vinyl floors!

1) Look at the competition.

Always look at the competition! When putting together a great flooring pattern, you need to figure out what floors are being used in your niche market. Check out other stores similar to yours for competitive reasons to use that flooring!

2) Who are your customers?

Or clients? Either way, ask people about what they think about your floor. We put together a blog related to this, which can be read by clicking here. When you examine your customers, you will find a way to match their mentality and style.

3) What does the market want?

Examine the market. If you are catering to high-octane individuals, who need a floor that matches their profession, you are in turn looking at what others are doing to succeed. Market segments are very important, and are necessary for this topic!

4) Ask the customer or client

If you have a high-traffic following, ask the customer what they want! This will let you determine the market segment you are catering to. Do they want LVP or LVT? There are big differences in both, so ask what the customer or client wants!

5) If in doubt, use the best choice

Sometimes you may be in doubt of what type of floor to pick. If in doubt, check the Europine.com website! You can browse the store and see what looks best for you and you may be in line with your best customer or client. This is crucial to all!

In this segment, we will discuss the psychological factors that partake in choosing a floor!

6) People often enjoy wood…

Look into the psychology of the customer. People often desire wood-looking tile floors in offices while a commercial real estate floor may be linoleum. However, when in doubt, remember that the floor matters, but not as much as the service!

7) Commercial floors are a science!

Flooring is a science! Just like you’ve seen on “Bar Rescue,” there is a science behind the mentality of a location. Are you an office? Are you a store? These are factors to take into consideration because a doctor needs a different environment.

8) What kind of floors stand out most?

As the blogger of the company, I can safely say your best choice is LVP flooring. LVP flooring provides high-traffic capacity. This allows you to prepare for the worst mistake a commercial owner can make: picking the wrong floor from day one.

9) Are you a doctor or a grocery store?

A doctor may need a woody look to relax customers and present an environment that meets their expectations. What this means is that you are inevitably predicting the environment you want from your floor and what emotions you want.

10) Emotions guide our every move

Last but not least, emotions guide our every movement. When you are choosing a flooring pattern, look toward the best example service provider like you. This will purposefully prevent you from choosing based on emotion.

Pick the right floor now!

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