Glue-down luxury vinyl tile is something we love to offer here at Europine.

It is cheap, convenient and easy on the eyes. Why is this the best choice? Well, for starters, we have already gone over why luxury vinyl tile is essential to your success. Now, why is it something worth investing in? We are providing four great reasons to choose luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring that is glue-down.

1) Luxury vinyl tile is durable. Durable flooring meets the standards of just about any home, office or warehouse. Durability is needed, especially with a lot of feet walking around a home or office. It is waterproof, easy on the eyes, and something you definitely need to consider investing in – and we mean now. With durability comes higher property value, as shown here. Who does not wish to see their property value rise? If you are a homeowner, this is something to consider, as without a strong make, you are posing risk to falls and strains!

2) Glue-down tile is replaceable! That is probably the best part of the experience. God forbid, you cement flooring down only to find you missed a tile or went a bit haywire with your project. We all know the value placed on luxury vinyl tile flooring, and we have expressed it over and over again. What do we mean by “replaceable?” For starters, that does not mean lack of value. The last thing we want to say is that our tiles are going to wear down. That is not the case. Rather, it means that God forbid you leave a scratch. Remove, buy, glue. That simple!

3) Luxury vinyl tile is affordable. We have said it over and over again: LVT flooring is affordable! You will not find the same deal with the square-foot price of other types of flooring such as linoleum or laminate. Those will cost almost the same by the square-foot, but the thing about those types of floors is that they may last about the same amount of time, or cost the same, or even look the same (to all three of those, they do not). However, what if you leave a scratch? The hefty price of replacing them is where the affordability issues come into play.

5) Glue-down tile easy to install! At least if you buy from us! As we discussed in a recent blog post, it is easy to install, too. When you are dealing with other types of floors, you suffer the issue of installation costs. What would you rather do: glue down tiles or cement them to your floor? It is pretty clear what your answer here would be: glue it down! That way, all you have to do is strip, remove, and re-glue another tile. That simple! You will see that LVT flooring is the best choice for your home, office or industrial needs – all-in-one, baby!

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