Modernism is the term one uses to describe a change for the better.

That is what we are doing here at Europine! We are working with a new product, which in LVP and SPC terms means simply: better! Yes, our products are actually evolving before our eyes! The modernism approach was formed when we realized we were creating a great product, yes, but doesn’t everything require some sort of update? Well, Europine products now encompass modernism, where new things are being developed. This includes new products, new features for each product, and thanks to Ado Floors, we are able to fundamentally enhance our products. We do not skimp on tiny details. Let us take a look at what our LVP/SPC modernism approach really means.

For one, it offers better quality for your buck. Shinier flooring, more wearproof, more dentproof, and so much more. This means that you may be paying the same, but as time goes on all things must be updated. Our manufacturers, Ado Floors, in Turkey are working hard on advancing the LVP/SPC brand. Reminder: LVP stands for “luxury vinyl plank” (i.e. made from a synthetic composite material) and SPC stands for “stone plastic composite.” The pricing is not much different, nor is the make of it. The quality is improving, my friends, so take this time to browse our store and find a good fit for your home. Rest assured, it is quality-tested, dentproof, and wear-resistant to the best of our manufacturer’s abilities!


We cannot guarantee your floor will be perfect; no one can. But with Europine and Ado Floors behind the mix, you are getting the best in Turkish exports around. When you buy a floor, you are buying an investment. LVP and SPC flooring can increase the value of a home, an office, a retail location, or a warehouse by a lot. That is not because we only provide a better service. Remember that our products can withstand the pressures of water and high traffic. This means that with modernism, we are simply advancing the genetic makeup of our flooring types. This means that they will last longer, have higher resistance to damage, and will even look better than they did before! Did we ever think that was possible?!

Please see this blog about how SPC flooring, as an example, enhances the value of your home or business. Did you know that when a home is appraised, about $10,000 gets added to your value when floors are redone? Carpeting only earns an average of $5,000 extra! This is around $5.00 additional income per square foot with our flooring! Can you imagine the resale value? Can you imagine being able to modernize your home without worrying about property values or a floor becoming dented? When you deal with property, it is not always about resale. That is why our products also look great! When you buy Europine, you buy a success story. Modernizing our products were only step one. Wait until step two…

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Europine, the only official United States distributor of ADO Flooring, sells quality SPC flooring at manufacturer direct pricing in its Miami location, no matter where you are in the United States. Manufactured with the most advanced technology available in the field, ADO Floor products are crafted in a factory on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The only SPC flooring manufacturer in Turkey, ADO Floor is dedicated to producing beautiful, durable products that are available at great pricing. Contact them today to find the right flooring your home or business today!


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