Stone plastic composite flooring is a luxury flooring product that has transformed construction and remodeling projects worldwide. Made of vinyl blended with ground limestone, stone plastic composite flooring is durable and waterproof, suitable for a variety of industrial, commercial and home uses.

SPC flooring is also known as Luxury Vinyl Planking because it comes in a plank format. SPC is incredibly easy to install! It simply clicks together and lays flat with no glue required. (Some children and animals are sensitive to commercial flooring glue, so that’s especially important for environments like pediatric clinics, animal clinics or daycare centers!) That lack of glue makes it ideal for remodeling projects – there’s no smell to affect the use of the rest of the facility being worked on.

SPC flooring is suitable for intensive pedestrian traffic and is very durable. It comes in a variety of looks and colors, mimicking natural materials like wood and stone. It’s waterproof and can stand up to regular heavy-duty cleaning and disinfecting required in foodservice and medical/dental environments.

Those traits also make it ideal for the hotel and hospitality worlds, reducing maintenance costs significantly. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, it doesn’t harbor allergens, is naturally antibacterial, is easy to clean, and can be repaired easily by a trained installer.

Own a rental property? SPC flooring is less expensive than concrete, carpet, laminate, hardwood, or ceramic tile! Like in the hotel world, SPC’s inability to harbor allergens and durability means less costs for you in between tenants or residents of any length of stay.
Builders love SPC because it doesn’t shrink in weather changes. They can install the flooring before a building is climate controlled or even has the windows installed and it won’t shrink or warp in normal weather conditions. That makes life for a builder much easier in getting a project done on time! Remodelers and interior designers similarly love it for its ease of installation, variety of aesthetic options, and durability.

On top of all these amazing features, SPC is one of the most affordable and durable flooring options available. It costs less to install in any project and is likely to last much longer than other flooring options – up to 20 years! – with far lower costs in maintenance and cleaning over its life span.

Does SPC have any drawbacks? Just one. Because it’s clicked together and dropped in place without any kind of commercial adhesive, it can be a little louder than other flooring types in some environments. High-ceilinged, heavily trafficked environments such as airport terminals, high school corridors, and hotel lobbies might want to invest in an underlayment that goes down before the flooring is installed to help dampen the ambient sound.

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