LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is a floor covering material
which is formed by combining different layers
with special production techniques.

With its multilayer structure, LVT has many advantages and is also a much more preferred product compared to
classical flooring materials with its wide range of colors and models.

LVT has numerous features such as depth, reality, durability, easy cleaning and practical application. From homes to hotel buildings, from airports to terminal buildings exposed to high usage, LVT has become one of the most popular options in flooring today.

Highly durable, offering high durability against scratches and scratches and easy to clean, LVT is also preferred by consumers for home use as it can be applied practically and offers different color and design options.

It can be produced in different sizes and thicknesses according to LVT usage areas, which are visually similar to stone and wood floors but offer much more benefits compared to alternatives.

Whether in standard parquet size or large scale tiles, LVT can easily be applied with ‘click’ and ‘bonding’ methods. LVT has a long service life and it is also an environmentally friendly product with its high recycling properties.

From working areas to public buildings, from airports to shopping centers, we value everyone’s right to feel comfortable. The non-flammable and anti-bacterial GRIT series with high sound insulation technology that is resistant to abrasion and tough usage conditions offers an advanced common area understanding.

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We are laying the foundation of your living spaces, with LAAG series with a modern understanding to ensure that comfort, aesthetics, and elegance follow you at every step you take. With our water and moisture resistant, anti-bacterial, hygienic, easy-to-clean, and environment-friendly products, we value you and your family.

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