Good question. After all, LVT flooring and SPC flooring are very similar.

LVT flooring is pretty easy to understand. It is simply “luxury vinyl tile” and is a thin slab of wonderous material that can simply be laid down upon tile, and then either glued or concreted down. SPC flooring, on the other hand, stands for “stone plastic composite,” and is really the same except for the type of makeup. LVT tends to be more up the alley of a synthetic material that allows for ease-of-installation yet a sturdy build. Which is best? SPC flooring offers the benefit of durability and appeal. Though LVT flooring is equally as candescent, SPC flooring tends to uphold more weight, allows for a similar yet stronger make. Though we cannot directly dissect the two from one-another, we can go ahead and safely say SPC flooring is best for use when you are expecting a high traffic area. In other words, SPC flooring may be the more durable of the two, is typically thicker, and has more durability than LVT flooring.

Let us talk appeal. What looks better: SPC flooring or LVT flooring? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Personally, I feel SPC flooring as more of something you would want to situate in a warehouse than a home. It will require more maintenance and will cost a bit more. However, it will uphold the heaviest of equipment or foot traffic. LVT flooring does this, too, but it tends to wear down quicker. That is not to say luxury vinyl tile is bad, per se, but it is definitely less likely to uphold a large drop of heavy equipment. Stone, on the other hand, always beats paper!

What about look?

Take a look at this image and tell me what you see. Do you see LVT flooring or SPC flooring? Well, funny you should ask because it is actually a regular floor! My point here is that when it comes to value in appeal, floors are, at the end of the day, just floors. In other words, SPC flooring and LVT flooring will both look like a floor. There is rarely a moment when someone walks into an office, residence, or warehouse and notices the actual perception of difference. Flooring blends in with the environment around you, much like a wall. That is not to say they are both the same, but you can see my point.

The two are also waterproof. That is always important. Anything waterproof tends to be capable of withholding strength in many situations. When you look at the conjunction between waterproof flooring and that which is…well, not waterproof, you come across a paradigm. The two are one and the same. Strength comes with waterproof-ability, and in this sense, both are the same. As mentioned in one blog before this, we asked a simple question: what is better? Pouring water on a brick of stone or a piece of plastic? Rock over paper, once again.

So what do we recommend?

Evaluate your needs and requirements. What is the most important feature of a flooring composite you need? If you need durability, a waterproof make, and a smooth finish, both flooring types are for you. However, if you expect a lot of traffic (i.e. heavy machinery, heavy foot traffic…), SPC flooring is the way to go. It is a bit more expensive because of the manner in which it is made, but it definitely assists a lot better. If you want something easy to install, LVT flooring may be the best option, but that does not guarantee either will be better or worse. Believe it or not, floors do make a difference…

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