This is a question that has been asked time and time again. First and foremost, there is really no substantial difference between the waterproof density of WPC versus SPC Vinyl Flooring. However, here is a fun way to look at it. Examine the makeup of WPC flooring versus SPC flooring. The main question here is: “which is more likely to withstand waterproof damage?” in a day-and-age where there have been around thirty-something hurricanes and even without that as a factor, what about spills? What about cleaning tools? Let us start simple.

First, both WPC and SPC flooring consist of four layers. The first layer is called the “wear layer,” where you first see that undentable and scratch-resistant surface. The second layer is vinyl layer, which is kind of like a “fill.” Don’t worry, this will get interesting in a moment. Layer 3 is where the magic rests: it is either “rigid core,” i.e. made from wood plastic composite (i.e. wood plastic composite) or solid polymer core (stone plastic composite). Keep up, we are only half-done, as it is necessary to explore the differences in these two types of floors as far as water resistance goes.

The fourth layer is simple enough: base. Quite literally the least important, so back up a second.

If one is made from wood and another is made from a solid polymer core, which do you think is most water-resistant? Look at this like a scientist would: for water resistance, which is more likely to deteriorate when underwater? I would like to say that you can honestly test this theory out by taking a piece of wood (a 4X4 plank will do – splurge a bit, it costs less than a buck at Home Depot) and then finding a rock somewhere. Go mining, we do not really care where you find the rock, but take both and stick them in a bucket or a sink filled with water. Leave it there for three days.

Then, return with your results and comment as we would love to know if wood absorbed or deteriorated better than the stone. As you will see, and it is textbook science (remember Biology class? I bet they never did this): wood will absorb more water than stone, but guess what? The stone will dry quicker! It is nature! So, in the end, your needs and questions for WPC versus SPC flooring depend on the condition. WPC (made from wood) may be less likely to withstand the pressures of water. Now, before you make your final ultimatum, remember that price is a factor.

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