Everyone loves the look of a great hardwood floor! With their rich colors, grains and textures, natural hardwoods were THE flooring of choice for a long time in the United States. Plus, they were, in the early days, easier to clean and maintain than the rare luxury that was carpeting. A natural hardwood floor was also easy to obtain: before the U.S. was largely urbanized, hardwood trees were plentiful. It was nothing to go out to the woods and chop down the trees one needed for beautiful, durable flooring in their home.

Of course, the longevity and durability depended on the way the floor was finished. Many early floors weren’t sealed properly against the weather, temperature changes or water. Once waterproof urethane finishes and good paints became common, that changed. But hardwood flooring was still, well, hard. It wasn’t comfortable underfoot; it was cold, and it warped easily if not properly cared for. It also got more expensive as the forests were depleted by construction.

Over time, other flooring options became available to the American market, options that were easier to care for than hardwood. Many hardwood floors across the US were covered over with vinyl linoleum and carpeting, much to the dismay of later generations. Laminate became the solution for those wanting a hardwood look at a lower cost. And it is just as susceptible to damage from water and humidity as the “real thing.”

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So what’s the solution for those who want that luxurious hardwood look without the risks of damage or the cost of hardwood? Enter Luxury Vinyl Planking, or LVP! It’s the number one commercial flooring product in the US right now. Is LVP the New American Hardwood? Let’s take a look!

LVP flooring can be designed to. Although stone plastic composite, another name for LVP, is found in a variety of colors closely mimic the wood grains, colors and even textures found in natural hardwood flooring and textures mimicking stone, tile and more, LVP is designed as exactly that – planks. The planks can have the look of a number of natural hardwoods.

Not only does luxury vinyl planking have shape of natural hardwood boards, it also boasts the beautiful range of colors and grains of those words.

Beyond that, LVP is the new American hardwood because it is far more durable than the real thing. LVP is naturally water-resistant, anti-bacterial and more resistant to denting and dinging than natural hardwood. Clean up is simple – no complicated

The best part? LVP costs less! As forests in the US have become depleted, the costs of a beautiful hardwood floor have skyrocketed. But LVP is made from a combination of vinyl and limestone, ground together and formed into those beautiful planks. Limestone and vinyl is an unbeatable combination for durability and cost, making it THE choice for a long-term flooring solution that is easy to install and lasts forever.

Unlike hardwood, LVP is also resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for new construction projects and indoor/outdoor environments such as Florida rooms and screened-in patios. It also holds up well in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that are high humidity and not appropriate for hardwood or laminate flooring; customers who still want the look of hardwood are better off to opt for LVP in those situations.

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