But what about an office you are selling? Ah, a never-tiring debate: linoleum flooring. I have that, and I am looking down at it now. Guess what? It is hard, lumpy, cold, and ugly. If you saw my floor right now, you would urge me to burn my house down and collect the insurance money, but I digress. The question we have at-hand here is: is linoleum flooring better than Vinyl Flooring? Well, for starters, we must dissect what vinyl flooring is. Vinyl Flooring is a lot different.

According to FlooringInc.com, linoleum flooring is best for brevity – it will last longer. However, what is it made for? it is not exactly the best-looking floor. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is easy to install. Take our product, LVP Flooring. That means anything you can spread across a floor and install easily. But what about an office you are selling? Now, if you were to ask me which is better, you would have to hit the Internet. The two are, as one critic put it: “Like margarine versus butter.” There is really little-to-no difference except the manner in which you lay the floor. Linoleum flooring is naturally-made, but Vinyl Flooring is easy to install and is also known for durability and waterproof capacities. In fact, you can speculate that if you wanted to choose between linoleum or vinyl flooring, you could replicate the same wonderful appearance of vinyl flooring over and over again; you would just have to install it many, many times.

vinyl flooring Delicate Surface texture

According to one source, we actually have had it all wrong. Linoleum flooring is old-school; it was indented in the 1960s as a way to cheaply ground cost-resistant floors in homes. It is made of weird chemicals and really is not the same as Vinyl Flooring. In fact, it is quite the opposite. You cannot just “install” linoleum flooring without it being a horrible process. If you want true value, vinyl flooring like LVP or LVT flooring is your best bet, as it is easy to install, affordable to use, and is much less likely to contain harmful or dangerous chemicals.

What about cost? According to HomeAdvisor.com, “the average cost to install linoleum falls…roughly at $1,835.” However, for sheet linoleum, you are looking at around $4.00 per square foot while vinyl sheet costs around “$3.00 per square foot.” This is actually a big difference in cost if you do the math. Say, you have a home that is 4,000 square feet. You can spend $4.00 on each square foot, your home is $16,000. If you use vinyl sheet, your home is $12,000. You get a better product with Vinyl Flooring versus linoleum flooring and actually save around $4,000 in the process! What a deal! Better floor, cheaper cost, and easier maintenance. The final verdict? You want vinyl flooring like LVP or LVT Flooring, not linoleum.

Now I have to run. I’ve got a house to burn down (recall paragraph one…)

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