Actually, LVP flooring is the exact opposite of hot. It is composite, cold to the touch, broad in appeal, and…

Wait, wait, wait. Slow down, right? Let us start at the beginning. LVP flooring stands for “Luxury Vinyl Plank.” That means it is everything and more. But why is it such a big trend, you might be asking? Rather, what makes it ideal for your home or business? Well, for starters, it is the hottest on the market because it provides insulation that prevents overheating, while also remaining durable and strong. You want this floor. It is perfect for those on-the-move; it is perfect for the couch potato; it is perfect for the ones who need even only a small amount of perfection! But where did LVP come from? Why is it the most acute flooring for your home or business?

Let us take a trip in history. Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring was actually meant to improve on the idealization that yes, floors can evolve. We see this dating back as far as the 1970’s, when it was invented. It was not too big of a deal back then, believe it or not. However, it gained massive traction and interest when the idea of “peel and stick” floors were the big kahuna. It began as a method for “do it yourself” style flooring where all you had to do was lay down a thin plastic film and boom – you were set for insulated, dent-proof flooring.

How did it gain such context?  In the early 2000s, the idea of realistic vinyl laid down in “sheets” was no longer exactly “cool.” To the touch, maybe, but not exactly to the eyes. So, we see a pattern emerging here. We see that it was cost-effective; we see that it allowed for an easy-to-use method to develop great flooring feel and overall demeanor. It was the dent-proof master, and it reigned supreme. However, after “dryback” glue-down construction became cost-effective and beneficial, it soon replaced the hardwood floors you may know and love.

Next thing you know, it is the hottest thing on the market, and here is why. You see, we all need durability on our floors; we all need a “do-it-yourself” feel and make without requiring extra labor; and we all need to be able to sit down on a floor (yes, it’s a thing! Try it – it’s relatively fun) without feeling cold and sticky. This became an emerging trend, and it kept on going! So why is it so hot? Well, on the market you will not find a better make. Though some places like Europe (and we will delve into this topic soon, stay up-to-date on our Blog) stick with the idealization that it is a “good idea” to take your floor with you to your next home (stay tuned, this is a series…) we strongly suggest reading more about how to truly install LVP flooring by clicking here. For now, friends, family, and potential buyers, you need this floor!

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