Wait a minute, LVP flooring?

Haven’t we been talking all this time about Florida SPC and WPC flooring? Well, it is time to introduce a new word into your plethora of vocabulary words to brag about: LVP flooring, which stands for “Luxury Vinyl Plank.” It is a rather fascinating type of flooring, resistant to dent, water, humidity…it is the Floridian’s dream floor, am I right? Let me tell you a little story about Hurricane Eta. Remember when they said: “Nah, it will barely hit us?” Then it did a circular vector in our direction, and they kept on saying: “Nah, it will barely hit us?” Well, the inflammation of my flooring says otherwise. Now, how could I have rectified this? How could I have prepared – perhaps years earlier – for this, without losing the battle to battered flooring?

 LVP. Hands down.

LVP flooring is the epitome of the Floridian floor. Without this in your repertoire, you are facing sincere scuffing, denting, inflammation from water, humidity, and heat, and it will never, ever dent. But what makes this any different from our other offers? LVP flooring is a plank type of flooring, allowing it to stress the look of a hardwood floor and the water-resistance of our other products, yet with a clean and dynamic finish. It is also easy to clean and to maintain. With LVP flooring, you never have to worry about another botched job where you think you have found the right floor for you, only to find you are stuck with the same tantamount of mimicked brands. Why trust us? Contact us and find out why we are your best choice here.

But what about non-Floridians?

What about other circumstances? They say this is the best type of flooring to use in a bathroom or a kitchen, where the potential for an overflowing toilet or an out-of-control dishwasher is null. We wholeheartedly agree. This is your type of flooring, hands-down, and you need it whether you live in Florida or not. Waterproof flooring with a fine and finished look is never a wrong choice, and let us all face facts: at some point in our lives, we will find that the floor can and will get wet…but we can take matters into our own hands here, and adjust based on our choice of floor the next time we remodel.

In the long run, it is worth the investment. LVP flooring is great for Floridians. It is a water-resistant, dent-proof, scratch-proof, and well-meaning flooring type for all, but if you live in Florida, you will find that this is not your average investment. It will last as long as you need it to; it will move tectonic plates in your favor; and it will never turn you down when the time comes to protect your best interests. Come to us and ask simply: “Why LVP flooring?” and we can further assess your situation, dissect the essence of your needs, and tell you which flooring type we offer that is best for you.

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