For some time now, the flooring industry has shown stable growth in the economy. The luxury vinyl flooring sector of the market has been enjoying positive growth in the double digits. This healthy expansion has allowed the flooring industry to continue posting positive years despite overall sales volume declining. The higher price point per unit of luxury vinyl flooring has offset the contraction of the carpet sector and other types of flooring.

Commercial Flooring

New products in the resilient vinyl flooring category explain this buoyed economic expansion. First, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) entered the market. Wood-plastic composite (WPC) then made its appearance. Finally, stone plastic composite (SPC) joined the fray. WPC was conceived as a way to more faithfully simulate the look and feel of hardwood floors while retaining the majority of advantages found in LVT. SPC was engineered as an upgrade to WPC, which makes it in some sense an upgrade to LVT as well.

Needless to say, LVT and WPC still hold their place in the market as they do fulfill specific niches. SPC, however, has come to the forefront as the best flooring material on the market for most projects. It is currently trending as the most sought-after resilient commercial flooring and seems to be the best commercial flooring solution for the grand majority of significant operations.

Here at Europine, our SPC collection is all about you, the client. Understanding that clients may have vastly different needs, Europine designs, and selects its line of SPC products to meet better the diverse flooring challenges faced by commercial and retail stores and operations.

Europine’s stone plastic composite flooring collection features cutting-edge vinyl flooring engineering. Our Fortika collection is constructed with a stone polymer composition. This product line is completely impermeable and made in an eco-friendly manner. With new methodologies cutting downtime by 40%, our SPC flooring presents no hassle or headache during installation.

The Fortika product line is offered in various color schemes, ranging from rich browns to calm, steel tones. Plank dimensions are 7″ wide x 48″ long. Europine’s commercial SPC floors feature Rigid Core technology, antimicrobial protection, and acoustic profile control. The Fortika flooring line is ideal across various economic sectors and industries, such as commercial operations, hospitality businesses, retail stores, warehouses, government facilities, airports, and medical institutions (research labs, healthcare centers, and hospitals).

Discover the benefits of commercial SPC flooring with us here at Europine!

Environmentally Conscious
Stone plastic composite vinyl flooring was engineered as an improvement over previous luxury vinyl floors. This effort yielded a surprise benefit; the manufacturing of SPC commercial floors could be conducted without the use of formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other toxins or contaminants typically found in other vinyl floors. And unlike laminate floors, SPC uses only 100% pure PVC.

True Impermeability
While luxury vinyl floors have been well-regarded for their waterproof qualities, SPC floors are completely impermeable. Not only do SPC commercial floors resist water damage better than other vinyl floors, but they also protect the subfloor and foundation by preventing seepage.

Glue Free Installation
Aside from the improved installation times from the “click and lock” method, there is another reason why installing SPC has advantages. The layers of the stone plastic composite plank, such as the core layer, wear layer, and UV layer, are fused together without the use of glue. Using a heated lamination process, the material layers are held together and installed without any glue being involved. This feature makes it an appropriate choice for places worried about any harms from the glue. Examples would be shopping malls, hospitals, hospitality lodgings, and other commercial enterprises oriented towards humans.

Carpet and natural floors, like hardwood and stone, have their advantages in some areas, but often come with surprise costs down the line. Replacement projects can often end up costing more than it took to install initially. This, of course, depends significantly on the state of your flooring at the time of replacement. Given that hotels experience high frequencies of traffic, the possibility of repairs or replacements makes it prudent to consider going with a floor that not only has extended lifetime but also has no hidden replacement costs.

High Quality Flooring

A Bright Future

According to various market outlook reports for the flooring industry, the next five years will see a continuation of the growth patterns experienced thus far. Specifically, resilient flooring, such as luxury vinyl tiles and stone plastic composite, will see robust increases. The economic rise of rigid core flooring, with SPC as the spearhead, will happen alongside projected declines in carpet and other typical flooring products.

As commercial operations continue to switch over to SPC and other forms of resilient, rigid core floors, we here at Europine predict that the numbers will swell beyond current projections. Amid the current global changes precipitated by the viral outbreak, demand for aseptic flooring will increase in spades. The antimicrobial properties of SPC and the easy cleaning of vinyl flooring provide the best commercial flooring options available on the market as we step into a new future. Even as the economic landscape continues to shift, commercial resilient flooring can be counted on to remain steadfast in its growing popularity.

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