As a student and a content marketing major, I have seen my fair share of floors. As I sit here in FIU’s Graham Center (the cornerstone of academic and professional success), I stare downward at a bright-white tiled floor; to the right of my is hardwood; to the left is…well, a wall. But as I stare down at the many, many tiles below me, I know all to well that this might be LVP or SPC flooring made by Europine and Ado Floors! When you look at the makeup of a school hallway, your number one concern is not drops or spills. It is high traffic rates.

The flooring looks great, but does it withstand the traffic of students? It is 11:12 AM EST my time, and I have been here since 10:23 AM. I am sitting in the main hallway that leads between Graham Center and the many, many classrooms. I have counted 216 individuals, each spanning a good 3-5 minute interval every 10-12 minutes, if I did my math correctly. So, this hallway sees a lot of traffic. especially when school starts up again. This floor, however, could very easily be LVT tiles! Remember: LVT and LVP flooring is high-density, and is easy to install and withstands high traffic.

So, what flooring options do schools have? Effective moderation of a unique, well-lit floor with wearproof resiliency allows for heavy traffic and also looks great on the eyes. Though I may be staring at actual linoleum that costs more than twice as much to install (and believe me: the school can afford it), the fact is that this floor is easily applicable on an aesthetic level to our many flooring products that are laid down in strips. This means that God forbid, the floor dents or foot traffic causes wear after 2 million steps on a day-to-day basis. How would they replace it without blocking that off?

Our luxury tiles come in an easy-to-install manner. But what about patio areas? What about dew-green grass on the lawn where students play Frisbee? They need a different type of environment, but it can still be composed of our stone composite flooring (SPC), which replicates more of a feel of…well, stone!

So we have plenty of options here. The question is: what does the school require? How much can they afford in renovations? As an example, an elementary school requires a far less extensive flooring type and make that, say, my top-10-ranked university campus. However, we cannot speculate that this could have easily been done with LVP floors by Europine and Ado Floors. It depends on the location, but we can safely say LVP, SPC or LVT would work great here…

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