How can you go about telling if the quality of your SPC flooring is high-quality and worth your time and money? Well, for starters, remember once again that all flooring is not made equal. There are a lot of different types of flooring, and though the topic itself may sound bland and adjunct, we will try to make this interesting. The question is: how do you go about inspecting the quality of your SPC flooring? First and foremost, do yourself a favor and make sure you choose quality over quantity, i.e. the cheaper the installation, the lower the quality; that’s a given.

To figure out if your SPC flooring is adequate, simply take your hand and brush it against the flooring – and do so before it is installed. SPC flooring has a low formaldehyde content make and flame retardancy, meaning when you touch it, chances are it will be cool to the touch and easy on the eyes. “Not all flooring is made equal.” That is without a doubt the most important way to look at what we offer here. Though you would think that the linoleum flooring beneath your feet at any given time (and truly think for a moment how many floors you walk on throughout the day!) is the same everywhere, the truth is there are many different types of it. So what is SPC flooring? Let us tackle that concept first.


To understand the chemistry of flooring (yawn, right? Not really, it’s about to get interesting!), believe it or not but there is a lot of science behind the manner in which a floor is made. People often think: “It’s just a floor; it’s made of this-or-that;” “all flooring is the same but different prices and finishes.” Wrong. Rather, think back to chemistry class.

Remember when there was that boring lecture on molecularism? Neither do we! However, what defines SPC Flooring as high versus low quality is simple: it is made differently than other types of flooring such as LVT Vinyl, SPC Vinyl, and so on. Ironically, we offer both, but for sake of argument: how do you inspect a floor?

Simple: touch it. Does it feel soft and luxurious? Does it feel almost like you are walking on water? These are structures of the chemical property of SPC flooring, i.e. a stone powdery primate that even at high temperatures can resist fire, damage and dents. So, how do you inspect it? Touch it; feel it; examine it. Before installing it, and before choosing the right provider (i.e. click here to be redirected to our SPC Flooring page – meaning we may be that provider!), really consider the fact that inspecting your SPC Flooring is an important part of the experience!

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Europine, the only official United States distributor of ADO Flooring, sells quality SPC flooring at manufacturer direct pricing in its Miami location, no matter where you are in the United States. Manufactured with the most advanced technology available in the field, ADO Floor products are crafted in a factory on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The only SPC flooring manufacturer in Turkey, ADO Floor is dedicated to producing beautiful, durable products that are available at great pricing. Contact them today to find the right flooring your home or business today!


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