Have we not been over this already?! LVP stands for “Luxury Vinyl Plank” and is a type of flooring device/material. There. The blog is now complete. I am kidding, of course, as though you may have read many blogs about LVP flooring and its uses/benefits, we cannot let you forget how superior this flooring product offered by Europine is! So, a bit of a refresher course on LVP flooring. It is easy to install (seriously, “like-a-child-could-do-it” kind of easy). It is also very durable. It can withstand dents and heavy falls, as well as high foot traffic.

“Blah, blah, blah,” right? What are the real benefits of LVP flooring? Simple: they are affordable, they look great, and they are almost without flaw or error. You can save roughly $5,000 in installation fees if you decided to choose real linoleum flooring over LVP flooring, as one sincere example. It also comes in a variety of patterns, colors and “vibes,” with waterproof/wearproof/dentproof design (SPC or “stone plastic composite” being one of them). It is a great idea to check out this past blog we wrote that goes into further detail about LVP flooring uses.

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Now onto the fun stuff. What can you do with an LVP floor that you cannot do with linoleum or real wood? Simple: if that floor dents, or shatters, or a spill sits on top of it for too long (i.e. standing water such as floods and heavy rain), remember that is it called “luxury vinyl plank” for a reason. Rather than calling the installer to come and fix it (which inevitably leads the home or business owner stuck with whatever possible fee they will charge to tear that part of the floor up and fix it), you are able to separate the two from one another. It makes it easy to install because it is planks and tiles.

This past blog article outlines some additional benefits of LVP flooring, especially the looks and tones you can create with it! You are able to choose from a variety of colors and options, which will lead you to further your creativity. Here is a tip I learned recently: use LED lighting against floors made of luxury vinyl. I have a neighbor who uses LVP tiles (sadly, from one of our competitors!) and he showed me some neat tricks I would love to outline in a later blog. For now, rest assured: the benefits of buying LVP flooring will be that it saves you money, spares you a headache, and makes the room look great!

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