According to mainstream economic data, the flooring industry is continuing to grow steadily. The reason total annual sales of flooring has increased despite the total volume of units sold decreasing is because of the high-powered luxury vinyl products.

As more commercial entities and government agencies join homeowners in selecting luxury vinyl flooring, there is an explosion of demand and supply. In the recent market craze, there hasn’t been much time to share and disseminate information on these products, particularly from a macro perspective.

At Europine, we believe in positioning clients to make the best commercial flooring choices. To choose which luxury vinyl commercial floor product is in their best interest, Europine believes that a client must be empowered to make their selection. Decision-making empowerment starts with knowledge and information. This article will help you navigate the commercial flooring industry by not only breaking down the industry jargon; it will examine luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) products in a pros and cons list.

Flooring Industry Acronyms and Terminology

LVT = Luxury Vinyl Tile
Luxury vinyl tile flooring is vinyl flooring that has been engineered and manufactured to maximize the potential of vinyl flooring materials. By manipulating the various layers that make up the internal structure of each tile, professional flooring companies like Europine can offer iterations of LVT that meet niche demands across various commercial, industrial, governmental, and retail sectors.

LVP = Luxury Vinyl Plank
Luxury vinyl plank is, in essence, the same as luxury vinyl tile. The reason the commercial flooring industry uses LVP is because many clients seek to emulate the hardwood floor ambiance. LVP is differentiated from LVT to maintain clear communication with all relevant parties. Installation and maintenance of LVP, while virtually similar to LVT installation, does require a slightly different set of considerations. LVP helps keep everyone on the same page.

RCF = Rigid Core Flooring
Rigid core flooring is the umbrella term for the technological frontier of commercial flooring. Generally speaking, RCF is luxury vinyl floors that have additional features due to specialized production. SPC and WPC are two common examples.

SPC = Stone Plastic Composite
Stone plastic composite can be best explained as an upgrade to LVT. SPC takes the central design concept of luxury vinyl flooring and takes it one level further. By mixing in limestone with the PVC, the core layers of SPC offer improved performance measurements over LVT and LVP. While it is more expensive, it does represent the latest the flooring industry has to offer. Variations of SPC do exist and can go by various names/acronyms. Always double-check what a company means when they use certain terms. You may always approach us with any questions or concerns you might have by clicking here.

High Quality Flooring Options

Engineered Vinyl Plank Pros

Realism and Faithfulness
LVT and LVP are able to compete with other types of high-end commercial flooring because they can easily copy the “vibe” of different floors. These high-fidelity renditions have a level of realism that often leaves people mistaking it for the actual flooring it is designed like.

Waterproof/Moisture Resistant
This is a game-changer that not only makes it possible to install luxury vinyl optimally, but it also allows to withstand environmental conditions that expose commercial flooring to water and moisture. It is also why homeowners are flocking to luxury vinyl as well.

Easiest Commercial Flooring Installation
LVT is the most comfortable high-end commercial flooring options to install. LVT do not requires immaculate sub-floorings; in fact, it can be installed on every kind of subfloor material and, even over sources of intense heat.

Best of all, LVT can be installed on previous floorings as well. Barring any kind of coding violation or serious damage to the structural integrity of your old commercial flooring, you can install your new luxury vinyl floors on top of it! This can save serious money for budget-minded operations and stores.

While commercial luxury vinyl floors can get pricey, it has been shown to be extremely cost-effective in the long haul. The installation process typically does not require profit-impacting shutdowns of commercial operations, and neither does the replacement process. Replacement costs less, too, as does the maintenance and cleaning of commercial luxury vinyl flooring.

The aforementioned buffer or cushion layers found between your commercial luxury vinyl flooring and your subfloor creates a superior and ergonomic experience when walking across it. The soft underfoot effect preserves joints and bones from impacts, and the sound profile is drastically improved. To learn more about how sound pollution can affect environments like hospitals or research facilities, click here.

Easy Maintenance/Cleaning
The average maintenance schedule or cleaning routine for commercial LVF floors is significantly less than that of other comparable floors. It does not require specialized cleaning agents, although those are available, and you can perform basic cleaning, such as sweeping and mopping, to keep the floors looking spick and span. This leads to lower costs in terms of paid hours dedicated to maintenance. To learn more about cleaning and maintenance click here.

Aesthetic and Design Range
Luxury vinyl floors can imitate classic looks, that much is known. But the most significant edge in commercial flooring design is the ability to hit strategy targets for branding and marketing purposes. There are a variety of popular, avant-garde patterns available, often terms “abstract design.” Moreover, you can design and print a brand logo or even a graphic/picture for your luxury vinyl commercial floor.

Best Flooring Options

Engineered Vinyl Planks Cons

Property Value
Unfortunately, having vinyl floors does not tend to improve the value of a property, be it commercial or residential. LVT and SPC do last longer than other flooring options, and real estate buyers may factor freshly installed luxury vinyl flooring into the purchase price.

Surface Preservation
Many commercial facilities expose their floors to heavy loads and other types of straining forces. While LVT is incredibly durable and resistant, no flooring can perfectly withstand all the pressures that can possibly be exerted on a commercial floor. While the floors themselves may not suffer integral damage, the surface layer may not preserve as well as usual. This is fine if you are considering vinyl flooring for something like a warehouse and do not care about visuals. But if you have a space that must preserve surface design despite intense forces, you may need to invest in additional protective finishes and specialized coatings.

Installation Prep
While easy installation is a highly touted feature of luxury vinyl flooring, there are some points to mention here. For example, your specific commercial needs may dictate a special adjustment in your flooring. This may mean different installation considerations. This is especially applicable if you are installing over the previous flooring that is particularly uneven, deteriorated, or otherwise impacted. This can sometimes be fixed easily with a self-leveling mix.

Need Specific Help?

If you ever find yourself needing/wanting to discuss any of these topics, or even just to ask your questions, please feel free to contact us. In fact, Europine encourages and welcomes any and all further inquiries regarding your flooring concerns.


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