For a long time, vinyl flooring was considered a relatively low-scale and economical flooring alternative. In an industry saturated with high-end flooring options, such as hardwood and stone floors, the standard vinyl flooring became a common mainstay among consumers as a serviceable commercial floor for the average business. It also saw use as a residential flooring solution for many new homeowners and DIYers.

However, with recent technological advancements, vinyl flooring has exploded in popularity. An incredible amount of variety has become available in the best vinyl flooring inventories. The newest commercial flooring options in the vinyl sector of the market barely resemble the older traditional vinyl floors that were initially produced.

Generally, this class of high-end vinyl floors are labeled as resilient flooring. The best commercial floor materials in resilient flooring perform in ways previously unheard of from regular vinyl floors. The most practical commercial vinyl floors feature product lines such as WPC and SPC (also known as rigid core flooring) and LVF (short for luxury vinyl floors). There also other numerous offshoots and hybrid flooring materials. This is because the flooring industry is continuously experimenting with creating better and better floor products. The efforts of professional flooring companies brought about the first wave of modern vinyl flooring, and this innovative spirit has only grown year by year. It almost seems like every other week there is a new commercial flooring material or product to add to the list!

The advent of these top commercial flooring options has buoyed our industry overall. Luxury vinyl flooring, particularly LVP or Luxury Vinyl Plank, has directly driven the growth in sales. Other types of flooring companies have experienced slight economic stagnation in the wake of commercial LVP products turning into a must-have commercial flooring product. Still, we have seen these flooring companies bounce back by innovating their products, much like our vinyl flooring sector did.

The continuous interplay on the flooring market has motivated flooring manufacturers to produce quality products, either by improving designs or perfecting the production of current products. Flooring suppliers and distributors have always needed to change their game up as the orthodox process between manufacturing to the point of sale has adapted to the contemporary flooring market.

There is one downside concerning the economic boom of our industry, particularly for large-scale commercial flooring needs. The potential for prosperity has attracted newcomers to the industry. Setting aside the idea that they may be inexperienced or amateur flooring companies, these entrepreneur floorers are often only interested in their overall bottom-line. The existing state of flux in the flooring production-supply-distribution line further attracts and invites unprofessional companies.

If you are: a current commercial flooring end-user, looking for the best flooring for a new business or retail operation, or are involved in the flooring industry and looking to improve your company’s numbers, knowing how to spot a professional flooring manufacturer/supplier is the essential skill you need.

How to Avoid Commercial Floor Scams

In any business or commercial enterprise, there are a few commonsense moves you can take to protect yourself from shady entities.

The first thing one should do is thoroughly research the company in question. How long have they been in business? Where are their headquarters? What other companies are they related to, e.g., are they a d/b/a entity?* You can also run them through the Better Business Bureau and similar agencies.

*The denotation of “d/b/a” stands for “doing business as.” This means that the company in question is actually an authorized branch or offshoot of a larger parent company. The reasons for splitting up corporations in this fashion are many but generally suggest good things about the company in question, especially if the d/b/a/ company’s history is particularly short.

Another commonplace advice is to ask around. Contact companies or economic players in your sector that you may know or have a relationship with. Ascertain what they know, if anything, about the company in question. If possible, determine past clients or projects completed and the outcome of the work or service(s) provided.

When it comes specifically to flooring companies, there are some specific pieces of advice to keep in mind as well.

First, accurately determine whether the company in question is a producer or manufacturer, a supplier, a distributor, or only a retailer. Depending on where they land, compare them to their competitors. Also, try to determine the origin of their commercial flooring products, e.g., if they are a distributor, who is their supplier, and what manufacturer do they procure inventory from?

You may find that some companies may perform more than one of these functions. In this case, it is crucial to know how long they have been in business for. More precisely, the key is to know when each of their functions began. If they are a longtime distributor but only recently started production, or vice versa, there may be some expected errors along the way.

EUROPINE: A Professional LVP Floor Manufacturer and Supplier You Can Trust

Europine, LLC, is a relatively new player in the American commercial flooring sector. Stationed in the Floridian port metropolis of Miami, we are the center of domestic operations for ADO Floor USA. Our international parent company of ADO Floor was officially started in 2015.

ADO Floor was a necessary move in response to Turkish authorities granting ADOPEN the only manufacturing plant for luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, and stone plastic composite substrates. ADOPEN is a core component of the ADO Group of Companies. The ADO Group of Companies represents a collection of corporations (such as ADOPEN) that have been operating for over six decades.

Based out of Turkey, the ADO Group has been directly responsible for buoying large sectors of the Turkish economy. The experience and wisdom of ADO Group leaders have taken the Turkish titan of industry to operate in over five continents.

The expertise of sixty-plus years of manufacturing a vast array of products and distributing these products internationally is what Europine brings to the United States flooring market. Our LVP products have been tested and tried across 80 nations. Our flow from the production of a luxury vinyl plank to its commercial installation is streamlined and features best-practices, thanks to the multitude of operations that ADO Floor brings to the table. Not only does this guarantee that your industrial vinyl LVP floor is best-in-class, it will be shipped and installed by experienced pros with a rich history in our industry. Perhaps the best part is that the cost-effectiveness of our flooring manufacturing and supply is passed on to you, the end-user, in the form of savings and hassle-free installations.

When it comes to the overall best flooring professionals, Europine is a commercial flooring company for luxury vinyl planks, and more, that you can trust and rely on.

Need Specific Help?

If you ever find yourself needing/wanting to discuss any of these topics, or even just to ask your questions, please feel free to contact us. In fact, Europine encourages and welcomes any and all further inquiries regarding your flooring concerns.


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